ReadingMate® is a web-based, individualized reading intervention program that prepares students in grades 4-12 to read at grade level and develop the necessary reading skills for college and career readiness.
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Flexible Implementation

ReadingMate is based on a unique instructional design. Teachers can implement it as a student-centered online application, or as a hybrid learning environment that integrates online student work with one-on-one tutorials or small group instruction. Each lesson includes handouts and lesson plans that support differentiated instruction.

Increasing Text Complexity

As students progress through ReadingMate’s curriculum, they are exposed to texts of steadily increasing complexity. Text complexity is measured using The Lexiled® Framework for Reading, a scientific approach to reading measurement that places the reader and the text on the same scale. ReadingMate’s syllabus consists of four levels associated with specific grade level bands.

Engaging Student Resources

ReadingMate includes a variety of engaging student resources including interactive multi-cultural, multi-genre selections, roll over definitions and audio, multimedia vocabulary and comprehension activities, cross-curricular resources, on-demand report cards, and more!