What is ReadingMate®?

ReadingMate is a supplemental reading program that prepares students to read at grade level and develop the necessary reading skills for college and career readiness. It provides a web-based, individualized learning environment. Its instructional design is based on the key points of the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Reading. ReadingMate offers students the opportunity to read independently and comprehend increasingly complex Lexiled® texts from different cultural traditions and time periods.

Flexible Implementation

Teachers can implement ReadingMate either as a student-centered, online application, or as a hybrid learning environment that integrates online student work with one-on-one tutorials or small group instruction.

Tools to Differentiate Instruction

Educators can differentiate their instruction via:

  • Student Support Guide tutorials for one-on-one or small groups
  • Lesson plans for small group and whole class instruction
  • A class management module
  • Comprehensive assessment and progress monitoring

Monitor Student Progress

ReadingMate monitors the development of standards-based skills and strategies for vocabulary development and reading comprehension. ReadingMate’s built-in tools designed for comprehensive assessment and ongoing progress monitoring include:

  • Placement and achievement tests
  • Individual progress reports
  • Skill development reports
  • Class, school, and district reports

ReadingMate includes:

  • 125 content-based lessons
  • Placement test
  • Individualized learning path
  • Engaging reading selections
  • Online workbooks to develop specific reading skills
  • Handouts for independent and in group work